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Boat Watercraft Insurance

Now that you have spent a great deal to get that boat, yacht, jet ski, or catamaran, its time you took up boat/watercraft insurance to protect your investment. Whether your boat is mostly in water or out of the water, it comes with several risks such as collision, fire, theft, vandalism, and much more. Boat/Watercraft Insurance will protect you against liability claims and protect your valuable investments as well.

Texas doesn't mandate boaters to have insurance. However, you still need to insure your boat/watercraft to protect your investment against unforeseen circumstances. Also, most lenders require proof of insurance before financing your watercraft.

Coverage Options

Here are the boat insurance coverage options offered by Mpire Houston Insurance:

Even though boat/watercraft insurance covers most risks, there are exclusions such as tear and wear and damages from animals and marine life. Finding the coverage option at Mpire Houston Insurance that suits your needs is important to give you some peace of mind while in the waters. At Mpire Houston Insurance, we offer reliable insurance policies that will take care of your safety, your passengers' safety, and your investments. Contact us today to get a quote and also get any further information you may need about Boat/Watercraft Insurance.

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