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Commercial Insurance

Mpire Houston Insurance's Commercial Insurance Solutions

In Texas, businesses should have commercial insurance in order to protect their assets from damages and lawsuits.

Here are a few of the options to choose from:

Types of Commercial Insurance

Finding the right commercial insurance for your business will require doing some research on what type of risks you can have and what kind of coverage is necessary to protect yourself and your employees.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance, also known as CGL, will protect your business against liability for bodily injury, property damage, or slander or false advertising.

Generally, there are exceptions to a CGL policy, which is why there should be other coverage options that you can discuss with your agent at Mpire Houston Insurance. Usually, CGL policies will exclude coverage for property damage to the workplace or damage to the product. This policy also won't include recalls for bad products or work. There are also exclusions related to pollution under a CGL Policy.


This covers any bodily injury or property damage that happens on the property of the business.

Products/Completed Operations

This coverage will pay for bodily injury or damage that occurs away from your business but is caused by your business products or service.

Excess Liability Insurance

This insurance will help pay for losses that exceed the policy dollar limit of your CGL policy.

Commercial Property Insurance

This type of policy helps businesses get coverage for their property if it is damaged by a fire or another event that is covered by the policy. There are a few types of different coverage options that will protect the property in Texas. Standard policies will only cover common things, like fires and storms, but other coverage options will include things like floods, earthquakes, nuclear disasters, and more. Property policies are not standardized so that coverage will depend on the policy. If the policy doesn't have what you need, you will need to speak to an agent about your options.

Contact Mpire Houston Insurance for a commercial insurance quote for your business. We are ready to work with you to get a policy started and to educate you on the benefits of coverage.

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