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Renters Insurance

One of the great things about renting is not being liable to lenders after specific home damages. For example, if the outside of a home is vandalized, the renter will not have to repair the damage. This responsibility rests with the homeowner. The good thing about being a Texas homeowner is the ability to purchase home insurance, which can cover things like vandalism.

Renters might not have to protect the home against disasters such as fire or earthquakes. However, they might care about their belongings. This is what renters insurance is for. Bed sets, computers, furniture - these are the types of personal belongings that can be covered by renters insurance.

Why do they need to be insured? Let's say there is a fire or flood. The renter's personal belongings might be destroyed during the disaster. If the renter has renters insurance, it's possible for the renter to collect money in the value of their destroyed belongings.

Renters Insurance Requirements

In Texas, renters insurance is not required by law. Neither is home insurance, for that matter. However, a landlord might require renters insurance as a prerequisite to renting a property. A landlord might do this for financial protection in the event a renter might want to sue as a result of disaster damage to their belongings.

For renters insurance to be effective, a renter should make an inventory of their personal items. Taking photos of items can assist if the renter ever needs to make a claim. This provides an added level of proof of the items.

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