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Those in Houston, TX understand the importance of protecting your home from the unexpected events life can throw at you. A home is something to take care of and protect. For most, it is one of the most significant investments you will ever make in your life. This is where you return to after a long day of work and a place where you may raise a family.

There are a variety of things can happen that can damage your home such as the weather and storms, but storms aren't the only incident that can damage or destroy homes. Other threats to a home are fires, hail, vandalism, lightning, guests, and much more. It is essential to have an insurance policy on your home to make sure that when an incident takes place, you will be protected.

Mpire Houston Insurance can help you with the insurance process. Here are some of the requirements for a home insurance policy.

Insurance Requirements

Given the possibility of home destruction, one might think everyone should carry home insurance. However, holding home insurance is not mandatory in Texas. The state leaves the decision up to homeowners.

While Texas law doesn't require home insurance, many lenders do. This is because the lender, such as a bank, wants to protect their mortgage investment. Think of what happens to a mortgage lender whose borrower does not have home insurance during a disaster. Let's say the home is destroyed. The homeowner might stop paying the mortgage, or they might declare bankruptcy. In this scenario, the lender probably isn't going to get their mortgage investment money back.

A mortgage borrower who holds home insurance protects the borrower and the lender. In the event of home damage, the insurance company would provide money which would help the borrower stay afloat. The hope is, for the lender, the borrower will be in good shape to continue mortgage payments.

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